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Get Ready To Fight

Load Your Gun

Your Gun is your Victory. Equip yourself with the all-new MP9-LT laser Gun & and fire for glory towards your Opponent OR Nemesis. The Gun is extremely compact, so move fast around the Arena like a Phonix. But make sure to work hard on your aim as hitting your target is not going to be always easy.

Suit Up

Better not miss judge the Vest OR Jacket as Sheild OR bulletproof Vest. Itis given to you to protect from your opponents/ Nemesis. Your opponent will gain victory points if you get shot by beaming lasers But here's the secret, blind them with laser beams by your Gun before they can take points off your vest. If you fail at doing that, then move as fast as you can around the arena to confuse your opponents/ Nemesis. Don't worry, the vest/ Jacket is light feathered and won't hold you back on that.

Are you ready

Now its time to fight. But Are you ready? Better check if your Gun & Vest are working. Ask for help from the standby Staffs if you need assistance. 3,2,1 wait.... wait, you need to select a Game mode. We have 22 gaming adventures for you to choose from. Won't hold you guys back anymore. 3,2,1 Game On. Hope you glory with Victory!


My Laserwar's Experience

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